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Friday, May 16, 2008


I really dont know how to describe what situation I'm in right now. I'm really very very stressed out. all the works and exam is so near noww.. I really dont know what to do. I just feel like swearing swearing and sleep all day long. I'm really reallly reallly tireddd.. Feel so fucked up right now. Its so near to the exam and I've basically very very little time to study already. Its all assignment, reports & prjects I've to stay in uni till late just to finish them. But the problem is, Its never gonna finish until week 13. WHich I've only have 10 days left to fucking study. I'm not as clever as some of them. Feel so fucked up right noww.. My mind is so messyy!! WHY THE FUCK DID I CHOOSE ENGINEERING? Its really pissing me off now. Feel like killing myself and forget abt all of this fucking work. I'm really sick and tired.


Monday, April 21, 2008


Damn, There's been a lot of problems for me lately. I had to do works and works, test and tests, report after reports. I'm getting sick of all of it already.. I dont know what's fucking wrong. I have to worry abt my work and have to worry abt how much money I spend. I dont know what's going on. I'm sick of going and asking for the bloody money already. pff..

Just had my oral presentation today. It was good. (= I havent had time to upload Brii's heroic stunt in the state library. I cant find it in my phone. It was one hell night to remember. Oh yea. My timetable is out. My exam starts from June 10 - June 20. So, people who wants to come over, the time is from June 20/21 - July 14. so yeah. ytou guys can make your plans already. I have another test on wednesday. I'm laszyyyyyy alreadyy.. so much frustration going thru my body now. 2 more reports due next mondayyy.. arghh.. Is that what I really want to do? hmm..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

new chapter on my scrap book.

Argghh.. Had a great sleep last night after sorting my own stuff out. I've a clear head now of what I want and what to go for and so on.. I heard from billy that there's cheap air tix around. lung and viv, u you guys wanna see the price. go on to check ok? I dont know when you guys are coming over and shit. so I cant do much abt it. I got the pics we took when we were celebrating CK's bday last week. I've uploaded most of it. I still have a maths assignment to go. We all had fun, cant wait for more funs to come. Might be going to seven this weekend. woohooo~ Lets party. I've no more troubles I guess. Its all goooddieee.. No point feeeling and thinking about the bad side when WE dont need to. right? Live life the smart way. Bobby aka bebz aka chibai wont be coming back for a long time. We all miss that lil thinggg..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

bonfire turned into a bbq.

damn, last night was really crazy. I wanted to eat noodles and I asked pao to accompany me. She said she didnt want to it and she said she'll just accompany me. After finish cooking, we went to the garage and talked while she played pool. We felt cold and pao wanted to make a small fire to get us warm. HAHA. we went to just grab some woods and break em into pieces and started setting up the fire with newspapers. after succeeding, pao started to bring over small sausages and we had ourself a lil bbq! HAHAHA!

Had another blast the other day when we helped Ck celebrated his birthday the other day. last wednesday. Gonna try upload some pics when I got hold of them and the video we took last night. Everything's good until you think its not plus everyday is a good day, its just that some days are better than the others. Havent been doing much this easter. Left with only my maths assignment to go, which is due next thursday. (= I'm heading to the librabry soon with pao. Got nothing better to do. At least we get to have some charcoal chicken later. MMMMmmm.. Obviously, you guys can see I'm enjoying myself right now. I'm glad with what I have right now. So there's really no point thinking about this and that, I'll live the way I want my life to be. There's no point being a douchebag when I really dont have to. what's the point? what do I gain? nothing but at least its not a loss for me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

alon the FIREMEN!

OKOK. what I'm about to blog is something which I've thinking if I should blog about. If i blog abt this, I might get arrested or banned to get into rusden! HAHAH! That day, Me, mr.2 , lauban and paray went to play big small as usual in rusden. We were playing and playing and I was too bored. i was smoking while we're playing and I saw a detector on the ceiling. HAHAHAHA! And without making any second thoughts, I stand on the sofa and blowed smoke into it. Like a lot of em. Then nothing happened, I jumped down and conitnue to play.. who knows, 5 mins later. alarm on the other side of the place started to sound, Its like tuuuutt, tuuuuuuutt, tuuuuuuuuuuutt! and then few seconds later, the alarm which i blown smoke at started sounded. We all went crazy and was like running out from the exit door. Everyone took our money and walllet and ran off. HAHAHAHA! and everyone woke up in their pj. And 3 mins later, 2 huge fire tucks came and went in to see what's going on while we were outside and acting as if we just got home and didnt know what happen. Since then, I realise its not a fire alarm, its a smoke alarm! HAHAHAH!! after that we went back into the room and started laughing our ass off. Since then, they all call me firemen! PUUU!!

I'm going out soon. its Ck's bday! we're gonna go out and celebrate with him. I'm hungry alreadyyyy. I'm in uni trying to write my report. I cant be bothered. =((

p/s: actually u guys can tag on my tag board wad! you dont have to pay you know. It feels as if no one reading or something. ppuuuuuu.. tag ok! a hi would be good also. or you can say, eh alon, you damn hot! I dont mind! (A)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

easter break!

I'm starting to enjoy my easter break already. DOnt have to worry about any assignment and test. feels so good. I've to get back to uni on wed and start everything all over again. Last week was pretty fun. we finished our project for steel and timber structures. it was fun working with them in the lab. Took us 7 hrs to actually finish them from 2 sheets of metals. had to do everything with it to make it the way its in the pic. Its pretty fun. I took quite a lot of pics and I'm gonna post it up. (= Went to watch movie at glen yesterday and it was crazying in the city late night again. Damn, at least i get to see the other side of melbourne. there's a lot of fighting around. We were eating in KFC and there was a bunch of of 20 ++ people battling it out just a few metres away. and there was about 50 ppl screaming and cheering them on. It was crazyy! I know how what's gang vs gang! HAHAHA! then the securities came and stopped it and they wanted everyone to evacuate. damn. we were still enjoying our food! then we went to yarra river and ate beside it. damn feeel!

measuring the sheets.

folding the sheets.

cutting the sheets.

after folding and cutting .

filing the holes we drilled.

putting rivet joints.

clmaping the sheets and punching the rivets.

that's wad we get.

7 hours of work!

Monday, March 17, 2008


HAHAHA. I dont know what to say also. Just feel like blogging. Been hanging out with tham, brii and pierre for the past few days. went to the city yesterday, hahaha.. it was a perfect day with perfect pairs! unbelievable. HAHAHAH! Bunaiii ahh! Been having late night McD's and big small games. its quite fun tho. rather than staying at home and doing nothing.

Life's good. (=

Friday, March 14, 2008

if it is so..

if it is meant to be, i cant do anything. =/

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Safe flight!

I dont know what I should really be saying right now. Russell is flying in a few minutes time I guess. Just gave him a call and a small chat. Feels so ... pfff. All I can do is wish him all the best and hope he knows what he's doing. good luck!

Gonna upload some pics up noww.. Took some with pao in the city the other day while we were waiting for billy. HAHA

Here's a picture of a clown. That's wad normal human do in lectures.